Platinum Services

Interventions and Treatments:

We at Academia Day Clinic believe in a comprehensive view of aesthetic medicine, in which the goal is to help you achieve the wellness you deserve and to restore and protect your beauty with the most modern techniques and the most sophisticated skills. 
In a discreet, natural, and minimally invasive way, we listen to you carefully, visit you with care and expertise, and discuss your needs and expectations with you in order to identify the ideal interventions and treatments that are completely customized.
Regarding rapport, we believe in providing clear, accurate and transparent information, in your right to be informed, monitored and protected, and in the duty on the part of our doctors and entire staff to provide the best service and availability of care at all times.
This is why we have chosen to associate our services, both medical and non, with a number of optional opportunities that offer true "pampering," which, as we imagine, you know you deserve.
Ask our specialists and choose how to truly make this special moment, that you have finally decided to dedicate to yourself, unique.

Take it easy! Once you have set up an appointment or have decided the date of your intervention, ask our receptionist and don't think about it anymore. At the established date and time, our driver will pick you up at your home, take you to Academia Day Clinic, and, at the agreed time, will drop you back off at home.
If you wish to reach us by train, let us know what time you will be arriving at the Chiasso station, and we will be ready to accompany you to your beauty appointment.

We are happy to book one or more charming hotel rooms for you or for anyone who wishes to support you during your treatments and / or interventions, both in the nearby town of Como, and in the Ticino canton, where, thanks to established relationships, we can guarantee absolutely advantageous conditions.

To make you feel at home during your stay at Academia Day Clinic, we thought we'd offer a beautiful set consisting of a honeycomb fabric bathrobe, towel, washcloth, and slippers entirely handcrafted with 100% natural cotton.

To help you quickly recover and thus enjoy the full aesthetic results of the undergone intervention, Academia Day Clinic provides all post-operative patients a kit containing everything you need, including every indication and prescription, that will be delivered directly to you at the time of your discharge.

All of our patients have the opportunity to be supervised by our team of experts who, following each individual characteristic as well as instructions from the doctor who performed the surgery or treatment, develop a highly personalized diet and physical fitness program with the objective to maintain and improve the results of surgery and treatments.

If it is necessary and recommended by a specialist, you will be provided with all types of garments to protect the post-operative results and to speed healing. If necessary, each of these articles will be expressly made to measure.

If you live in Ticino or one of the neighboring Italian provinces, we offer you the opportunity to be assisted during the post-operative phase by one of our nurses who will come to your home for the duration of the recovery period.