Our social and ethical commitment

The beauty of sharing the good

Interventions and Treatments:

To Academia Day Clinic, beauty is not a superficial layer, but something that goes beyond and draws nourishment from the inside. It is from the soul, and that deep sense of sharing that we feel inside of us, in which the beauty and goodness come together in a single reality. 
It is for this reason that we are always listening to the calls and demands that reach us from society, from the business world, and from the voluntary world. It is why, in short, we work to spread the material, social, and spiritual conditions through which goodness and beauty can reach more people, in all places.

In 2013, we started the project "Beauty that Educates", and our commitment has become a splendid reality that operates to support the families and the education of boys and girls, and is now known worldwide: the Association La Cometa (www.puntocometa.org). 
We have worked with La Cometa on a number of specific projects and in organizing a large Charity Gala, held on November 28, 2013, at the Hotel Principe Leopoldo Lugano, the proceeds of which were entirely donated to the Association.
Thanks to our commitment and the generosity of our friends and patients, we were able to allocate more than € 15,000 to our project, “Beauty that educates” in 2013. 

In addition, some of us have pledged to donate some of our time and expertise in medical and surgical assistance projects in Africa and other initiatives closely linked to the field of activity of Academia Day Clinic.

For 2014, we strongly expect to confirm and extend our commitment. In addition to confirming our support for La Cometa and the initiatives in Africa, we are in contact with Swiss Charity organizations, in order to find new, valuable initiatives to sustain.

And, why not try to involve you, dear friends, and dear patient friends!

Because we are convinced that, for you as well,
there is great beauty in sharing the good!