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Interventions or treatments


For an abdomen with no sagging

Accusculpt® Laserlipolysis

The laser sculpts your figure without trauma

Additive Mastoplasty

Increase the volume of the breasts

Breast Reduction

Give your breasts the right proportions for a harmonious beauty

Calf enlargement with synthetic muscle prostheses (additive myoplasty)

A new profile of the legs with more-defined calves

Canthoplasty, lifting of the outer side of the eye

A look that is young and bright

Ear Surgery

A safe and easy way to gain security

Endo-Laser-Lipo Lift

A fresher face with a minimally invasive technique

Endoscopic face lift

A fresher face with a minimally invasive technique

Facial Lifting

A new face that's finally yours


A more masculine profile is possible

Hair autotransplantation

Increase cheek volume (malarplasty) with prosthesis

Cheekbones that are pronounced and defined, for a youthful and harmonious face

Increased buttocks with implants (Buttock Augmentation)

New shape to the buttocks for a more sensual appearance

Lifting of the eyelid

Restore youthfulness and functionality to the look

Lifting of the thighs

Finally, your legs can be just as you want them

Lip Contouring

Fuller and more defined lips


Giving the body its ideal form


Transfer the fatty tissue to reshape the body


Transfer the fatty tissue to reshape the face

Mastopexy breast lift

Gain back security and ease with more toned, firmer breasts


The chin will no longer go unnoticed

Microsurgical Hair Transplantation

The effectiveness of a modern technique against an old problem

Natural breast® augmentation with an autologous fat transfer

Natureal Face®

A gentle method for visible and lasting results on the face

Natureal® Body: excellent results on the abdomen and buttocks without surgery

The natural surgery of the body

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Reshape the profile of the nose without surgery

Silhouette Lift

A new face before the face lift

Temple implants with prostheses

For temples that are more toned and a face that looks younger

Thigh lifting by De.C.Li.Ve. technique (Dermo Cruro Vertical Lipectomy)

For legs that are forever young

Transplantation of adipose tissue (lipostructure) to the temples and forehead

Exploit flaws to create beauty and firmness