Localized fat

Interventions and Treatments:

Localized fat (abdomen, hips, flabby thighs, neck, arms, etc.) are often resistant to diets, massages, and physical activity. Talk with the specialists at Academia Day Clinic. Surgery, aesthetic medicine, scientific research, and technology have proposed a series of strategies to attack the problems associated with localized fat. The specialists at Academia Day Clinic know these techniques well, and practice them with great competence.
You will see that, through new techniques in which the experts at Academia Day Clinic are specialized, you may even find that the fat you rid your body of can be reused to give volume to other parts of your body or your face that are lacking in volume and structure.
In any case, you will discover a solution that is truly at your disposal, and can be reached in the timeframe and with the techniques best suited to your physical condition and your expectations.