Hair autotransplantation

Interventions and Treatments:

The foundation on which this autotransplantation technique is based is the following: the follicular units from the nuchal area are genetically resistant to the action of the hormones responsible for hair loss. The autograft transfers these follicular units to areas that are thinned or glabrous, allowing for the growth of permanent hair, which are intended not to fall out even in the absence of supportive therapies. Existing hair or hair close to those that have been implanted may fall out over time if not supported by topical therapies or drugs, but those that have been implanted never will. In any case, the transplant surgery guarantees a thickening of the hairless areas, but does not replace the therapies that treat hair loss of the preexistent hair.


For the autotransplantation, there are two specific techniques: STRIP and FUE, whose substantial difference lies in the method used for extracting the follicular units. The technique STRIP, or Fut (Follicular Unit Transplantation), is an implantation technique that utilizes follicular units that come from the extraction of a lozenge of the scalp, taken from the nuchal area (donor area). The FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a technique that uses follicular units extracted directly from the nuchal area with a titanium circular punch of varying caliber. With the FUE technique, it is necessary to shave the donor area (the entire occipital area) to less than 1 cm, which will be done by qualified personnel on the day of surgery. With the STRIP technique, it is possible to collect up to a maximum of 4000/5000 follicular units in a single session, if the density of the donor area allows for it. The FUE technique lasts longer than the STRIP technique because the follicular units are extracted one by one, with a maximum withdrawal of 1,800 / 2,000 grafts in a day. For both techniques, the number of follicular units that will be withdrawn depends on both the density of the donor area and the size of the area to be thickened.