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Personalized post-operative treatments

Interventions and Treatments:

There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments can result in significant improvements, both physical and psychological.
To minimize the recovery period and, at the same time, maintain the results for as long as possible, we have defined a set of post-operative treatments of proven effectiveness that will be performed in our office by highly qualified staff.
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(Both surgical and laser) 3 treatments with photodynamic light (LED) one week after removal of the stitches.
3 treatments with ultrasound after removal of the stitches. For further improvement, the patient may continue with specific endermologie (LPG) treatments.

4 sessions of photodynamic light (LED) to reduce swelling and improve healing. In some cases, the patient may continue with suitable laser treatments.

3 sessions of photodynamic light (LED) after removal of the cast to reduce swelling.


3 treatments with ultrasound after removal of the stitches to reduce the post-operative swelling and prevent contraction.
3 sessions of photodynamic light (LED) after removal of the stitches, to reduce swelling and improve healing


Although post-surgery traces are now practically invisible and hidden in strategic areas, sometimes it may be necessary to intervene with the Fraxel laser to make any scars and any skin imperfections virtually invisible . The Fraxel laser produces thousands of tiny, very deep columns of thermal activity in your skin. Penetrating deep into the dermis, it precisely and intensively hits the areas to be treated, leaving the surrounding tissue completely untouched. This is one of the main reasons why the Fraxel laser allows the treated skin to heal much more quickly than with any other traditional systems. This treatment, along with eliminating any surgical scar, is perfectly suited to clear acne scars, melasma and periorbital wrinkles.


Validated by over 110 scientific studies, Endermologie is the science of tissue stimulation, which allows for the reactivation of deep cellular activity that is 'asleep,' by mechanical stimulation of the epidermis through non-invasive and painless solutions. This technique allows for the delicate and pleasant removal of any skin adhesions that may be caused by scarring or cellulite tissue. The intent is to smooth the surface of the skin, correct the orange peel effect, and make the treated tissue healthy and soft to the touch.

This is a supportive therapy, which exploits contraction - the relaxation of small and large muscle groups. It promotes the elimination of excess fluid by stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulatory system, avoiding massaging of the painful parts.


Ultrasounds have the ability to dissolve and especially prevent the so-called fibrosis that, to the touch, result in subcutaneous thickening. In the case of liposculpture, the treatment is administered with metal plates that are pleasantly warm. In the case of a mastoplasty, the operator massages the affected area with a special hand-piece.