Dermal biorestructuring with polylactic acid

Beauty comes from the inside

Interventions and Treatments:

What is polylactic acid?

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a well-known compound in Medicine and Surgery, and is approved by the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration for use in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. It is used for the dermal biorestructuring of the tissue.

Polylactic acid stimulates the formation of new tissue cells through the synthesis of new collagen type I, and is particularly suitable for situations in which there is a decrease of tone and consistency in the tissue due to aging, a significant weight-loss, or for the assumption of certain prescription drugs. In fact, this type of material is biocompatible even though it belongs to the family of synthetic materials.

Thus, polylactic acid is not used for the targeted correction of facial blemishes (such as wrinkles), but tends to reverse these signs of aging from the inside, restoring substance and firmness to the tissues that lie beneath the skin and thus, indirectly, restoring tension and smoothness.