Antiaging Medicine

Interventions and Treatments:

"Go to your doctor when you are healthy and you will remain healthy longer," said the sages of the past, and now we know that they were right.

The medicine of the future, and today, is a preventive and regenerative medicine, which aims to increase the average duration of life, while, most importantly, maintaining the health, welfare, and all those functions that give quality to our existence.

At Academia Day Clinic, specialists are able to offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of Anti-Aging Medicine:

  • preventive medicine, calibration of a personalized approach to weight loss and its maintenance over time for health;
  • genetic counseling, from the study of an eventual and greater vulnerability against certain diseases to the delicate hormonal balance.

In addition, you can evaluate the health of your cells through two innovative tools, the Smart Chair and the breath test for oxidative stress, as well as know the status of your intestinal flora and its key enzymes. There is also a new non-invasive method which detects silent poisoning caused by heavy metals in the environment.